Scratching the Itch

Hi!  I’m Valerie, a thirtysomething who is trying to figure out a way to reinvent herself.  I’ve been teaching music for 15 years, and recently wrapped up a six-year stint as a competitive cyclist.  What else have I been and done?  Did the professional musician thing for a while.  I dabbled in boxing.  I love traveling, hiking and running.  I maintain a section of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania.  I started powerlifting back in April, then started the Olympic lifting journey a few months ago.


The common theme here?  I absolutely love to challenge myself–both personally and physically–and despise monotony and idleness.  If I’m not working towards something, I’m miserable.

I love music education and my students but I’m not sure the classroom is for me anymore.  It feels like I have all of these amazing pieces but I don’t know how to manipulate them into something cohesive that will help create a livelihood and more good for myself and others.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a pretty happy and grateful person.  I know how lucky I am to have what I have and do what I do.  It just doesn’t feel like I’m doing enough for others or achieving my utmost potential.  I really want to have a larger impact.  I want to be happy and feel fulfilled while I make others happy, or at least contribute to the greater good.  Maybe I could become a park ranger and protect the amazing wild places of this country; or a personal trainer to help others achieve their fitness goals; or create my own business revolving around all of these pieces somehow…anything help to make the world a better place

The Appalachian Trail, near Dan’s Pulpit, in Pennsylvania.  July 2017

I met the love of my life a few months back and one of my favorite things about her is that she challenges my ideas about what life can look like.  I became an instant parent to her two young boys last month.  She’s got a school bus she’s been converting into an RV (a skoolie!) and we’ve been talking about how we could live out of it with our boys, travel the country.  So…how do I take what I love, what I know, what I can do, and make it into a life?  This is where it all begins.  I hope you’ll follow me as I tackle these questions and create a new version of this thing called life!


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