Love, Music, and Bumper Plates

The boys were at their grandparents’ house this weekend so that my wife and I could venture to see LP in Philly this weekend. I love spending that time alone with her to reconnect and recharge. I am beyond grateful and ecstatic to have such a darling and beautiful human by my side.

LP put on a really good show. You can tell she’s all about her music and not about herself. Played some new stuff (check out “Recovery” if you can find it…brilliant and exceptionally moving) and interacted well with the audience in a relatively intimate space. Before the concert, I took her to one of my favorite places to eat, an Indonesian restaurant in South Philly called Sky Cafe. Never disappoints!

Good news: the skoolie just needs new batteries so the engine will turn over! So glad it isn’t something more serious!

In other news, I’m doing my first lifting meet in a couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, I struggled to get 45kg up in the clean & jerk two weeks ago, but got it up with no problem today.

I need to get under the bar better in the clean, am still bending my arms too early, and need to get a longer and lower stance on the jerk, but improvement is improvement!

See that bottle down on the floor? It’s filler with good stuff from my sponsor, Osmo Nutrition. More on them and how their products changed my life in my next post!


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