More snow, and thoughts on recovery

Just a few days after getting hammered with some serious wind and a few inches of snow on Friday, here we are with Winter Storm Quinn. We’ve gotten about 8 inches so far…

The boys and the dog were super cute when we went out, and our oldest was “helping” me shovel. Haha

Anyway, enough about the weather. As promised, I have some really important thoughts on hydration during, and recovery after, workouts. If you are an endurance athlete (runner, triathlete, cyclist) or do a decent amount of heavier strength training, hydration and recovery are super important. Your muscles need the right balance of nutrients and protein in order to optimally function and then repair themselves and get you ready for your next training session. When I was a competitive cyclist, I really struggled with recovery. I tried all kinds of stuff. The Hammer and Clif products were too thick and sugary for my liking. Vega products are awesome because they’re plant-based, but I wasn’t a fan of the added probiotics because my stomach does pretty darn well on its own (a lot of athletes need additional probiotics but I’m not one of them). And nothing I’d ever tried actually helped me to feel properly recovered in the long term. I was constantly feeling run down and getting sick. I was ready to throw in the towel on my goals because I just couldn’t continue to push myself to the levels I needed and wanted to attain.

Enter Osmo Nutrition products!

An acquaintance turned me on to Osmo because it was a sponsor of the local women’s cycling team she owns and runs. Osmo is unique in that it is specifically formulated to aid women in recovering. You see, hormone levels directly affect recovery for women. At certain parts in our monthly cycles, estrogen levels are higher and can inhibit recovery, body temps fluctuate, and women just have unique needs.

Almost every recovery and hydration product on the market is formulated by and for men, and the needs of male and female bodies aren’t the same. Osmo Nutrition has created pre-load (for exceptionally intense/hot workouts), hydration (used during workouts), and recovery formulas that are specific to women’s needs (They make men’s products, too! Just ask 3x World Champion road cyclist Peter Sagan how Osmo changed his life!) and take their hormones into consideration. Their products literally changed my life. I recovered better, never cramped up, slept better, felt stronger on the bike, and felt more human every day instead of like a zombie. Even better, they taste DELICIOUS!!

Even after I hung up my competitive wheels about a year ago, I continued being really active. I ran more, dabbled in boxing again, and started to powerlift. Now I run a couple of times a week and do an Olympic lifting program four days a week. The Osmo products are still part of my daily arsenal and I couldn’t push myself to the degree that I do if I didn’t use them. Osmo has made an enormous difference in my life, and maybe it can do the same for you!

Want to give it a try? Use the code DOMOREBEMORE15 at checkout from Osmo’s website and get 15% your order at any time!


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