Ink Tributes

I’ve been super bummed recently because the weather and family obligations have kept me from getting out on the trail for months. I miss it. I miss the quiet, the solitude, the peace, the healing, the challenge, and the comfort that hiking brings me. I have a desperate yearning to get out at this point and I’m trying to be patient but I’m starting to get super antsy.

REI is currently doing a thing on Instagram where they’re asking for people to post photos of their outdoors-inspired tattoos because they’ll feature their favorites next week. It made me remember my incredible piece that’s been covered up all winter (stupid winter clothes!) and it made me really excited, so I posted it in hopes they’ll feature it.

This is a tribute to the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, complete with a female red tail hawk, hemlock branches (my section of the AT has a whole forest of hemlocks), a boulder pile just south of Dans Pulpit, and a Celtic Tree of Life as a radiant moon. The entire piece took 3 sittings and 11 hours and turned my shoulder/arm into hamburger meat on two of those sittings, but it was totally worth it and I’ve been in love with it since before it was even finished. Ben at M&M Tattooing in Downingtown, PA, obviously does amazing work and you should definitely swing by to see him if you ever get a chance! Be sure to check him out on Instagram at @boskoskiink!

At least I have a reminder of the trail when I can’t get out. I just really hope the weather cooperates sooner rather than later and that the snow melts so I can get my boots on the ground again!


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