Secret talents

I never would have made it as a professional cyclist. I’ll never make it past a level 2 or 3 Olympic lifter. I wouldn’t have cut it at the higher levels of professional musicianship.

You know what I can do really well?

Box jumps.

This is a 32-inch platform with a 25kg and 10kg plate on top. Gets me about 36 inches and I still have room to spare. I keep pushing it higher and I haven’t run out yet. Even from a full stop at depth, I do pretty well.

I have no idea what this skill is good for or where it comes from because I am not known for explosive power on the bike or while running.

They may not get me anywhere, but remembering these little quirks and gifts helps get me through tough times like these.

In other news, it looks like I’ll finally be able to get on my section of the Appalachian Trail this weekend, and that Spring has finally sprung! Onward and upward, everyone!

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